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Talented art students hone their skills in class

With so much focus on sports and academics, the arts often go unrecognized as a prestigious talent in many high schools. However, many CHS students pursue their talent in the arts by taking the many art courses CHS offers. The following students have been selected by their teachers for their remarkable talent.

Junior Samantha Cola

Photography 1

Where  It All Started: “My parents got me an SLR camera in the eighth grade and ever since then I’ve liked [photography].”

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Inspiration: “I get inspired by everyday things, [and I get some of my ideas] from places I’ve gone; for example, Wintergreen Resort, Colorado and Pittsburgh. I think anything can inspire you if you let it.”

Goal: “I wanted to express myself through these pictures, but another part of it are the memories the pictures have. I think I’ll keep these pictures for a while, even when I’m older.”

Sophomore Anastasia Emmanuelidis

Photography 2

How I Made it: “I took a picture I took in Baltimore and cropped two pictures of Maggie Pelta-Pauls and put a rabbit and a deer head on those two pictures.”

Inspiration: “I have a T-shirt with the rabbit kind of thing, and I just went from there.”

Goal: “The objective was to create a surreal picture.”

Theme: “I can see it representing Darwinism because it is survival of the fittest. The two horses are dead, and it looks like the picture is from the prospective of something watching them; maybe the rabbit and deer people are next.”

Future Goals: “Mr. Foo wants me to do a series of this type of picture and maybe a few t-shirts with his silk screen.”

Senior Gryphon Drake

AP 3D Studio

How It All Started: “I drew all of my childhood, and I started ceramics sophomore year, and I was good at it, so I went from there.”

Theme: “A lot of my art focuses on the human form and on things people make [like] how technology and our environment defines who we are.”

Future Goals: “I wouldn’t do sculpture unless I was taking ceramics, but I would definitely continue art. I was doing art before [AP 3D Studio] and will continue to after this class. I’m going to Carnegie Mellon University and will be taking art classes there.”

Senior Elissa Morse

AP Drawing

Happiness With Artwork: “When we submitted the AP portfolio I was really happy that I was able to submit that much work in so little time, [but] I’m not sure how I did because art is really subjective.”

Theme: “Sometimes I want to draw a specific thing, but sometimes I just want to express myself. I do pieces that I plan ahead of time what to paint and other times I just pick up a paintbrush and see what happens.”

Future Goal: “I’m going to MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) [for college].”

Senior Max Kalicka

Ceramics 1

How It All Started: “My girlfriend inspired me to take ceramics.”

Inspiration: “I make whatever comes to mind and make it, it’s all kind of random.”

Happiness With Artwork: “I am happy with my results, I think for the amount of time I put into my work it comes out well.”

Why I Like Ceramics and Art: “I like ceramics because it’s a good way to express yourself.”

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Talented art students hone their skills in class