Ke$ha reveals her love of partying in debut album

By Kalli Klusaritz, Archive Manager

Somewhere between the fast-paced pop of Lady GaGa and the shocking antics of Britney Spears, 22-year-old newcomer Ke$ha has managed not only to carve out a unique niche for herself as a hedonistic, superficial party girl but she makes this status so utterly appealing that doing nothing but having fun may become a national pastime among music listeners under the age of 25.

With her debut album Animal soaring to the top of the charts within a week of its release and her breakout single, “Tik Tok,” becoming the longest running number one debut single since 1977, the Nashville native has made brushing “teeth with a bottle of Jack” and “partying til your pants come off” glamorous.

Singing ability on this 14-track album is not a pre-requisite.  The majority of the songs are techno-sounding, heavily produced and fast-paced with Ke$ha’s voice sounding whiny and artificial most of the time and her rapping faring no better.  The upbeat tempo permeating the album, however, makes it a good soundtrack for the dance floor.

Ke$ha successfully flaunts her cheap and trashy persona throughout the album with quirky, and at times raunchy lyrics.  There’s no waiting for prince charming in any of these songs either.  “Blah, Blah, Blah,” “Take it Off”  and “Boots and Boys” are all about non-stop partying, and indulging to the excess in all things fun.  Ke$ha manages to pull these songs off because she happily practices what she preaches and isn’t afraid to let her audience in on her antics.  Perhaps this is the only thing refreshing and genuine about her music.

There is probably enough evidence in Ke$ha’s music and lyrics to debate a lack of talent, however, as long as her audience isn’t looking for deep meaning from the voice of an angel, this outrageous new pop star delivers unbridled fun and party beats.