Fresh ingredients make Sweet Green a tasty choice

By Maddy Flax

Sweet and salty has been said to be the best combination, but what about sweet and leafy?

 Started by Georgetown University alumnae Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathan Ru, Sweet Green differs from many of today’s typical restaurants by pairing up unique salads with sweet frozen yogurt. With its clean, earthy and fresh atmosphere, customers will feel relaxed and at ease while enjoying their meal in an unusual but interesting environment.

 When customers first walk in, they are greeted by exotic lights hanging from the ceilings and long wooden tables flanked by wooden benches as seating. The huge menu is chock-full of delicious meal choices. Sweet Green’s prices are reasonable, with salads ranging from $8 to $9, and their signature Sweetflow yogurt is $4 for a small and $6 for a large.

 Sweet Green has many salad components, allowing the customer to be creative.With four different lettuce types, 16 different dressings and 42 different toppings, the customer has an array of combinations to choose from, and each salad is accompanied by the restaurant’s warm bread.

  In addition, the customer can also pick from Sweet Green’s Signature Salads, such as the Bondi, which consists of mesclun and baby spinach lettuce, grilled chicken, avocado, sweet corn, hearts of palm and wasabi beans, all topped with white vinaigrette dressing. Or they can choose from the Old School Favorites, including their Chicken Caeser Salad or the Caprese, which includes baby spinach and mesclun lettuce with grape tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese with balsamic vinaigrette. Salads can also be made into wraps.

 Fruity or crunchy toppings are offered on Sweet Green’s signature Sweetflow yogurt. Fruits range from strawberries to mango while crunch consists of a variety of nut choices. The Sweetflow yogurt comes in only plain tart flavor.

 The restaurant stresses the concept of protecting the environment by using biodegradable silverware and having customers dispose of their trash in either the commingled bottles bin, compost or landfill trash bin.

 Sweet Green does have some pitfalls. On weekends, there is typically a long line and the restaurant is very loud, making conversation difficult. There is also limited outside and inside seating, so larger parties may have to wait to find seats together.

 With its hearty menu and eco-friendly dining system, Sweet Green makes a great pick for anyone “green” oriented