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Quarantine allows time for self reflection and improvement

The time in quarantine allows for more people to relax and improve their mental health. Meditation, journaling, and reading are some options to lift your spirits.

By Fatima Yazdi, Senior Writer

May 30, 2020

It's been two months and counting in quarantine, and we are all on the edge of our seats, wondering how, and when this nightmare is going to end. Life is uncertain right now, and aside from protecting each other and staying safe, there is nott more we can do. It can be unsettling to feel like you hav...

Senior Skip Days – 2020

Senior Fatima Yazdi poses on her

By Fatima Yazdi, Editor-in-Chief

May 14, 2020

Going into high school, people told me lots of things: freshman year is the most fun, homecoming is lame, junior year will drain every ounce of energy out of you and that you will regret ever taking AP World. So naturally, I went in with expectations of how things would turn out-- and I can say if the...

Teamania-c students found their new study spot

Teamania recently added a plethora of savory dishes to their menu, including soups, salads, pastas and sandwiches. Though they're known for their classic baked goods and french delicacies, the new additions are perfect for a quick lunch or supper option.

By Fatima Yazdi, Editor-in-Chief

March 3, 2020

Rockville is known to have a plethora of eatery options—from Qdoba’s Mexican Eats to Sadaf’s Middle-Eastern staples, you can get a taste of just about any cuisine you’re craving. Since opening this past June, a new Asian-European inspired sit-down bakery and cafe has garnered lots of buzz and h...

TOTM: Christopher Forney

TOTM: Christopher Forney

By Fatima Yazdi, Editor-In-Chief

December 17, 2019

Engaging, caring, dedicated and enthusiastic: all words that accurately describe AP World History and AP Psychology teacher Mr. Forney. Forney has been teaching at WCHS for 12 years now and has since left a positive mark on WCHS and his students. “I like getting to explore content that I emit with students a...

WCHS students woahed by TikTok

TikTok is a social media app that has been sweeping teen culture.

By Fatima Yazdi, Editor-in-Chief

December 3, 2019

From selfies to memes, social media has a fair impact on our daily lives, whether we notice it or not. However, one specific age group is so deeply attached to it, many call them addicted: teenagers. For as long as we can remember, teenagers have been said to have their own “culture,” their own tr...

Young travelers broaden their horizons

Christopher loves to travel and experience a variety of cultures from around the world. His favorite places he has visited are Laos and Cambodia.

By Riley Hurr and Fatima Yazdi

May 15, 2019

Traveling is an escape from reality, allowing one to experience different cultures all while creating lifelong memories and adventures along the way. Many WCHS students and teachers love to travel during breaks in order to relax and de-stress from school. From every corner of the globe, diverse coun...

MCPS redistricting considered to quell inequity issues

MCPS total enrollment is predicted to rise to 168,480 students by 2022. Redistricting will resolve this issue.

By Fatima Yazdi, Editor-in-Chief

May 8, 2019

Montgomery County Public Schools such as WCHS have consistently ranked among the best in the country and are growing at high speeds, though a great divide exists between schools in wealthy areas and schools in less wealthy ones. Recently, this divide has sparked debate over whether or not Montgomery...

April TOTM: Gary Rogers

By Fatima Yazdi, Features Editor

April 3, 2019

Ever wanted to meet a teacher who has extensive knowledge on current events, global warming, pollution, energy conservation or ecological footprints? Well look no further, as WCHS has the teacher for you. A member of the science department, Gary Rogers teaches AP Environmental Science and is a scie...

Recent events incite action from administration

Students in leadership class work to promote a united WCHS community through artistic pieces such as banners. Also, a new advisory period will take place once a month for students and staff to discuss grade level and community-wide issues.

By Bryan Fletcher and Fatima Yazdi

March 6, 2019

Following the recent events involving N-Word usage passes being handed out to students, principal Brandice Heckert and WCHS administration are taking new measures to fight against bigotry, racism and insensitivity at school. The incident, which has since reached national news headlines, has drawn...

Remakes cannot replace the classics

Remakes of classics are taking over movie theaters everywhere.

By Fatima Yazdi, Features Editor

December 20, 2018

Hakuna matata, just keep swimming, go the distance- all phrases that are guaranteed to bring back a flood of childhood memories. At one point or another, we’ve all experienced the magical sensation one feels while watching a classic Disney movie. However, recently, Disney has been releasing remakes, inc...

New bill lowers college cost

Photos of MD governer Larry Hogan. Hogan signed the new bill for free MD community colleges to be implemented in 2019.

By Fatima Yazdi, Features Editor

November 20, 2018

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan recently signed into law a bill which makes community colleges in the state of Maryland tuition-free for qualifying residents. The legislation will create a $15 million program to provide scholarships for up to 5,000 students from families that earn less than $125,000 a...

Sierra Burgess is a Loser: not worth the controversy

Actress Shannon Purser, who plays Sierra Burgess, poses at the 2017 San diego Comic con.

By Fatima Yazdi, Features Editor

October 8, 2018

From “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” to “Clueless”to “Love Actually”, Netflix features all the favorite romantic comedies However, it’s newest addition to the rom com series, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser,” has stirred up quite a bit of controversy regarding the bad morals and examples por...

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