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New MD law helps to protect service vehicles

Maryland’s “Move Over” law now requires drivers to move over for waste and recycling trucks, as well as service and utility vehicles. The previous law only required drivers to move over for emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and police cruisers, but the expanded law now includes work trucks as well.

By Brandon Li, Copy Editor

October 11, 2018

Starting Oct. 1, Maryland drivers will have to yield to transportation, service and utility vehicles that are parked along the side of the road. Maryland’s Move Over law, which details the proper driving principles when encountering work vehicles, is now expanding to require drivers to switch lanes whe...

Hall-Zombies Need to Keep Eyes off the Screen

Hall-Zombies Need to Keep Eyes off the Screen

By Jonathan Greenzaid, Online Editor-in-Chief

October 29, 2015

They walk through the halls in a zombie-like state, crashing and bumping into people with no regard for their surroundings. It’s not The Walking Dead, but a new generation of “deadwalkers” in CHS who walk through the halls fully occupied on their cell phones. While many students like to use...

Safety campaign won’t cure traffic woes

Snow days caused a delay in the promise of increased police presence to enforce traffic laws.

By Fiona Asbury, Advertising Manager

February 27, 2014

CHS has recently instituted stricter enforcement for the traffic rules and regulations around the school, including a new electronic sign outside the school aimed at improving the safety of students. According to Principal Joan Benz, what was once a school issue regarding unsafe behaviors around the...

Please people, save the traffic for the road

By By Natalia Derechin Production Editor Lori Koenick Staff Writer

September 2, 2010

  Nine o’clock strikes. The bell rings and once again innocent freshmen must face a terrifying jungle known as the CHS hallways. Walking through the halls and trying to get to class can be a frightening experience for people who don’t know how to deal with it. Before this story continues, freshmen m...

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