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CHS should look into replacing textbooks with tablets

CHS should look into replacing textbooks with tablets

By Jonathan Greenzaid, Business Manager

January 10, 2014

Slugging textbooks to and from school can be a pain, both figuratively and literally, and in a new world immersed in technology, tablets should be allowed in classrooms in order to fit modern culture. Textbooks are becoming a thing of the past as schools start to incorporate more technology in the...

E-books are far better alternative to textbooks

By Staff Writer, Dana Harris

September 27, 2011

Bring a 20-pound water cooler and walk around CHS for the day. You will likely feel exhaustion and muscle strain. Tomorrow, replace the cooler with a water bottle weighing about 10 ounces. It makes more sense to carry something light and convenient, rather than something bulky and unnecessary, so why...

Texas BOE’s New Textbooks Harm Nation

November 23, 2010

Before most research projects and assignments, teachers often give students meaningful advice about which sources to depend on—Wikipedia: often inaccurate; news articles: watch out for bias; sites found through Google: take extra precaution; textbooks: safe source. The only thing we trust more tha...

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