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WCHS teachers need to follow the testing schedule

Many CHS students are faced with having their hardests tests all assigned on the same day. The testing schedule was designed to eliminate this.

By Riley Hurr, News Editor

October 23, 2018

Tests: a major contributor to the stress that comes along with high school. In hopes of eliminating stress and sleepless nights, CHS has created a testing schedule for departments to follow. Each department has specific days of the week they are allowed to schedule summative tests on. This way, students wo...

Standardized Testing: It’s Just Material

Standardized testing is causing students to miss out on other important aspects of their education.

By Sai Sreenivasan, Observations Editor

January 25, 2017

Standardized testing. It’s a topic that has been discussed time and time again. However, most of the discussion has been on the impacts of the test and not the material itself. According to a recent Washington Post article, poet Sara Holbrook is questioning the material and questions placed in s...

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