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Students teach the community about Sikhism

A traditional book of daily prayers, known as a the Nitnem, on display at the WCHS seminar. To its right is a traditional beaded bracelet that Sikhs count while praying.

By Andrew Chan, Assistant Sports Editor

February 8, 2019

An organization at WCHS is striving to educate the community on a religion known as Sikhism. Many Sikhs are often mistaken for other religious groups or mislabeled. Sikh Kid to Kid was created to help spread awareness on the Sikh religion throughout the MCPS community. Sikh Kid to Kid’s main goal is...

Geography should be taught more in school

Geography should be taught more in school

By Elizabeth Campbell, Editor-in-Chief

February 27, 2014

I can recite the quadratic formula on command, I can plot a graph of tangent, but I can only fill in 27 states correctly on a blank map of the United States. I have had almost 12 years of an MCPS education, but I have never once had a unit of geography. I am not alone. In a survey of 30 CHS students,...

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