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MCPS Extends School Year by One Day Due to Snow

Sophomore Nina Aksentijevich enjoys the snow during January’s blizzard.

By Sofia Williamson, Online Opinions Editor

May 3, 2016

MCPS extended the 2015-2016 school year by one day, making the last day of the school year June 20. The request for the one-day waiver was approved by the Maryland State Department of Education April 19. State officials originally rejected an MCPS-requested waiver March 30 to disregard the two days l...

CHS extends the school year due to excessive snow days

CHS extends the school year due to excessive snow days

By Rebecca Jackson, Circulation Manager

March 21, 2016

The MCPS Board of Education put out a memorandum on March 3, stating the revisions for the third and fourth marking periods. The third marking period will now end on April 12, the week after spring break and the fourth marking period will now end June 17. “We lost a total of 6 work days, inc...

School sidewalks will be priority in snow removal

Snow-covered sidewalks made it difficult for students to walk to school during last winter's severe weather.

By Thomas Atkinson, Public Relations Manager

November 21, 2014

Sophomore Jacob Friedman remembers having to walk to school on icy, uncleared sidewalks with start of winter just around the corner. “Many people didn’t shovel the sidewalks, including the school,” Freidman said. “All of the unshoveled snow on the sidewalks turned to ice the next day making...

MCPS fails to adequately clear snow and ice

MCPS fails to adequately clear snow and ice

By Gil Jacobson, Production Editor

February 27, 2014

After a relaxing five-day weekend, many students and staff returned to CHS last Tuesday to the surprise of significant amounts of un-plowed snow and ice in the parking lots. This un-plowed snow and ice even prevented some students and staff members from using their regular parking spaces.  “All last w...

MCPS makes a mistake sending students to school

MCPS makes a mistake sending students to school

By Yash Nigam, Production Editor

January 10, 2014

MCPS acted irresponsibly by deciding against a school delay Jan. 7, the coldest day of not only this year but also the past two decades. Its inaction and failure to realize that subzero temperatures can prove as harmful, if not more, than snow accumulation highlights the county’s ignorance. According...

Fields remain wet after February snow storms

By By: Thomas Geenan

March 23, 2010

As the last of the 20-plus inches of snow melt away, the CHS fields are still saturated and muddy, but this will not cause any setbacks in the spring sports schedule, which starts before spring break. All practices and games will proceed as scheduled. “Mother nature has melted the snow and our teams...

Blizzard shakes up MCPS

By Yasmin Akbari, Fact Checker

March 2, 2010

Due to the severe storms that hit the area this winter, MCPS cancelled nine school days, exceeding the four contingency days currently built into the school calendar. While the calendar calls for five days to be added to the end of the school year, extending it until June 23, this schedule has since...

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