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MCPS should plan for more snow days

January 8 2020, students throughout montgomery county were sent home from school halfway throughout the day due to potential snow. The next morning, students and faculty awoke to much worse conditions and a larger amount of snow that did not prevent them ffrom missing school, just getting a delay.

By Ally Salzberg, Assistant Online Editor

February 23, 2020

Whether it snows or not is completely out of our hands. As much as students may want it to work--flushing ice cubes down the toilet, sleeping with a spoon under pillows or wearing pajamas inside out-- it still might not snow.  In Montgomery County, students and teachers are designated a mere two day...

WCHS snowed in by controversy

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

By Ari Dimitoglou, Staff Writer

March 6, 2019

For the past couple of months, MCPS has had a plethora of early releases, two-hour delays and days off of school due to weather-related issues. As much as students enjoy the shortened days and weeks, the snow days add up, possibly causing a shorter spring and summer break. Many parents, as well as teachers, supported...

MCPS’ seven snow days plow plans, schedules

Snow days ate up time and caused cancellations of traditional school events.

By Jordan Janis, Online Editor-in-Chief

March 24, 2015

A staggering seven snow days this winter have affected CHS students both inside and outside of the classroom, from standardized test preparation to extracurricular activities being cancelled. With the state requirement of 180 school days per year, the county has decided as of March 20 to stick with...

State approves plan, MCPS will make up two snow days

State approves plan, MCPS will make up two snow days

By Caitlin Doherty, Senior Writer

April 4, 2014

Maryland State Department of Education approved April 2 a plan to have MCPS hold school on Monday, April 21 and Friday, June 13 to make up for the 10 days of school missed due to snow days. Initially MCPS submitted a plan to the state that would make up one snow day on June 13, but that request...

Extra snow days this Winter have come at a price

Extra snow days this Winter have come at a price

By Jonathan Greenzaid, Business Manager

February 26, 2014

Hot cocoa, sledding, and snuggling by the fireplace. Everyone loves snow days. However, students may have to sacrifice part of their summer for all of the snow days MCPS has had this year. This year, MCPS added four extra school days to its calendar for emergency closings, but there have been seven...

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