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Students hit snooze on the new attendance policy

By Anna Kronthal, Opinions Editor

March 3, 2020

There are countless reasons students may not be within their classroom’s door frame at the second the bell rings commencing the beginning of a period. Whether they have to use the bathroom before class, carpool to school with siblings, can’t find parking or get stuck in the sometimes unpredictable ...

MCPS reaffrims choice to say Pledge

By Brittany Goodman, News Editor

September 30, 2013

All MCPS high school principals, including CHS Principal Joan Benz, received a memorandum from Deputy Superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez July 26 reviewing the guidelines pertaining to student participation in patriotic exercises and verifying the MCPS regulation JFA-RA which upholds the Supreme Court ruling that saying the Pledge of Allegiance must always be voluntary. During pre-service week, MCPS pr...

Rumored ban on leggings just stretching the truth

Rumored ban on leggings just stretching the truth

By By Allison Srour, Features Editor and Sarah Reitzes, News Editor

December 8, 2011

Twitter, Facebook and Hot 99.5 had students in a fury Wednesday night and Thursday morning with rumors about a new MCPS policy banning students from wearing leggings and yoga pants to school. According to a Dec. 8 Kensington Patch article, MCPS is not in fact putting a policy into effect. MCPS schools...

Bueller?…Bueller?… Seniors rue new policy

By Staff Writer, Ben Hollander

September 27, 2011

In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris took part in outrageous shenanigans in the city of Chicago while driving his girlfriend around in a ’61 Ferrari, activities that will forever be idolized by any second semester senior buying time while college approaches. While I admittedly have done nothing of his c...

Attendance policy aims to keep students in class

By By Jon Sosner, Staff Writer

September 30, 2010

   The bell rings. There are three questions left on the social studies exam. After staying two minutes late finishing the last questions, the teacher won’t issue a pass, causing a tardy for the next class. With the new tardy policy, this could mean that being late to class can now get th...

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