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Dani Miller Slams to Success with Poems

Dani Miller with fellow competitors at a semi-final round to compete for selection on the DC Youth Slam Team.

By Jenna Greenzaid, Circulation Manager

March 10, 2017

Whenever one thinks of slam poetry, their first thought is most likely of the iconic slam poetry scene in the movie 22 Jump Street and yet there’s still so much unknown about the art. Every year, there is a competition for people in the DC area to get on the DC Youth Slam Team, a slam poetry competi...

Savett shares poetry

Savett shares poetry

By Sammi Silber, Observations Editor

February 27, 2014

English teacher Jeffrey Savett held a live reading of his poetry book Preservation on Feb. 6 at CHS. He read a few poems from the book, including "Preservation" and "Practice." According to Savett, he was excited to read some of his poems in front of the Potomac community and his students.

AP Lit teacher publishes first book of poetry

Preservation is a collection of the poetry Savett has 
been writing in his spare time for the past 15 years. The poem, “Fire Drill,” (below) is inspired by CHS students.

By Ilana Berger, Online News Editor

September 25, 2013

Jeffrey Savett, AP Literature and  Composition teacher, published July 29 his first poetry chapbook, a short collection of poems that revolve around a common theme. Titled Preservation, and published by CoreyJF Publishing, the book contains poetry from throughout Savett’s career. Q: Many students...

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