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Local Natives succeed despite loss of bassist

Local Natives succeed despite loss of bassist

By Kara Phillips, Staff Writer

February 28, 2013

 Local Natives’ sophomore album, Hummingbird, displays the effect of their change in dynamic after the 2010 loss of bassist, Andy Hamm. Even though this loss could have harmed the band’s sound, the album displays a mature, somber sound that was not uncovered until now. Kelcey Ayers, vocalist an...

Keane disappoints with latest album ‘Strangeland’

Keane disappoints with latest album 'Strangeland'

By Kara Phillips, Staff Writer

May 25, 2012

During their long-standing career, Keane has continued to astonish their fans by creating albums filled with undying originality and expressive lyrics. From their award-winning debut album, Hopes and Fears, to their upbeat EP Night Train, this group is never afraid to take risks and experiment with their...

Hackers’ attempt at amends met with mixed results

By By Natalie Geisler, Editor-in-Chief, and Hannah Phillips, Features Editor

October 1, 2010

Two students involved in last year’s hacking scandal are back in the spotlight, this time with a plea for forgiveness and a program aiming to help students cope with the various pressures of high school. Seniors Bradley Boyland and Bradley Rotter created Teen Talks, and held their first meeting Sept. 2...

Internship laws harm employees, students

May 5, 2010

In this economy, there is no doubt that it can be tough to get a job. Unpaid internships are alternatives that seem beneficial to everyone because the intern gets valuable working experience at no cost to the employer. There’s only one problem: most unpaid internships are technically illegal.   The...

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