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MCPS attendance goes online with absence notes

By Olivia Parven Staff Writer

October 24, 2011

  The MCPS central office implemented a new "quick link" to every school’s website Aug. 29 that allows parents to electronically submit their children’s absence notes.   The parent must enter online all of the information usually required on a paper absence form, with the addition of the parent...

Community reacts to ‘A Race to Nowhere’ screening

By By Olivia Parven, Contest Manager

December 21, 2010

A Race to Nowhere, directed by Vicki Abeles, is a documentary that raises questions and concerns about how students today are being increasingly pressured to succeed by parents, teachers, society and themselves more so than in previous years. The film was presented at the CHS auditorium Nov. 22 to raise...

Student influx causes locker shortage, mixed reactions

By By Olivia Parven, Contest Manager

October 4, 2010

  A large increase in student enrollment has lead to a locker shortage, resulting in some students not being assigned a locker. The freshmen class presents a problem because it is one of the biggest classes CHS has ever had. There has also been a recent increase in private school transfer students...

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