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Hirshhorn Draws Crowds, Media Attention

The Hirshhorn museum’s unique newest exhibit celebrate the art of Yayoi Kusama. The museum included many different rooms for visitors to experience, along with individual art pieces on display.

By Nora Holland, Arts Editor

June 14, 2017

CHS students on social media may have recently come across posts of mirrored rooms decorated with odd yet beautiful art including red and white blobs, twinkling lights and even glowing polka dot pumpkins. These unique works of art are part of an exhibit called Infinity Mirrors by the Japanese artist...

New Glenstone Exhibit Brings Innovative Art to Potomac

“Split Rocker” by Jeff Koons is an outdoor sculpture at the Glenstone Museum. In the spring and summer, it is covered with flowering plants.

By Sai Sreenivasan, Observations Editor

March 31, 2017

The Glenstone museum is a private art collection, tucked away on Glen Road, that presents a modern, fresh and contemporary twist on a traditional museum setting. Established by the non-profit Glenstone Foundation in 2006, Glenstone Museum has become a prized secret in our area. According to the Glenstone...

Local Museums’ Holiday Exhibits Worth a Visit

The Botanic Garden contains miniatures of famous D.C. landscapes created entirely from plant material. Above is a miniature of the Lincoln Memorial and below is a reproduction of the Washington Monument.

By Arielle Gordon, Arts Editor

November 30, 2015

The holidays are a time to be spent with family, and CHS students’ close proximity to Washington, D.C. allows them to spend time with family while also enjoying some of our nation’s tourist destinations and their special holiday exhibits. U.S. Botanic Garden: If you’re looking for a place to w...

AP Art History Classes Get Chance to Learn about Material Outside of Classroom

AP Art History Classes Get Chance to Learn about Material Outside of Classroom

By Ben Dross, Production Editor

October 24, 2015

The AP Art History class took a field trip to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore in order to learn more about the ancient art work they were studying in class Oct. 21. The class examines artwork from countries ranging from Greece to Mesopotamia to learn about their societies and culture. AP Art History...

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