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“Take Me Home” brings classic ’80s touch to screen

By By Claudia Shannon, Features Production Editor

March 21, 2011

The ‘80s were a time of neon, perms, bad dance moves and unforgettably atrocious and amazing music. Take Me Home Tonight encompasses the decade in all of its glory with a hilarious cast and a spunky, albeit reused, plotline. The film revolves around college-grad Matt Franklin (Topher Grace, That 70’s...

‘Social Network’ wire viewers in to the Facebook world

By Claudia Shannon, Production Editor

October 29, 2010

When word spread that the movie industry was investing their time in basing a plot line solely off the creation of the Facebook paradigm, many were skeptical. What back story did they have to go off of? Has the movie industry succumbed to Internet obsessions as plots? Despite this initial cynicism, The...

Fall brings the freshest films to the silver screen

By Claudia Shannon, Features Production Editor

October 1, 2010

Even though the outing may cause a slight dent in any avid movie-goer’s wallet, movies never fail to create a fantastic feeling of anticipation before the picture projects onto the big screen. Teenagers and movie fanatics alike will experience this sensation with this fall’s captivating line-up.   Wall Street: ...

‘From Paris with Love’ delivers explosive thrills

By Andy Rosenberg, Online Arts Editor

March 1, 2010

James Bond better watch out because there's a new face in town. Unlike the martini-sipping hero of yesteryear's spy movies, From Paris with Love centers around the less refined Charlie Wax (John Travolta, The Taking of Pelham 123) and his much smarter counterpart James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Miss...

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