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Marvel’s heroes superior

Marvel's heroes superior

By Daniel Miyares, Business Manager

October 24, 2014

The green monstrosity advances in a furious rage, muscles bulging and eyes flaring. The familiar, vibrant red-and blue cape ripples in flight as a chiseled figure soars to meet him. Just before the two forces of nature converge, time stops, and this daydream of countless comic fans ends. A battle...

When it comes to apps, CHS keeps it simple

By Daniel Miyares, Business Manager

May 30, 2014

Freshman Srikar Kolla settles into his seat on the bus ride home. Bored and with a few minutes to burn, he turns on his iPhone, and the now-famous pixelated, yellow Flappy Bird begins its flight on his phone. Kolla, along with many others in the CHS community, has fallen victim to the Flappy Bird...

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