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Moving up from JV teams to varsity teams brings students excitement

Many students begin on JV teams and move up to varsity teams as their skills improve.

By Hannah Zozobrado, Arts Editor

June 6, 2019

Most WCHS students grow up playing with their siblings, from biking together to playing random sports, but sometimes those sports can become an even bigger part of  their future. For junior Cammy Buckingham, she started off as a goalie for the sake of her older family members to practice their of...

JV Boys Lacrosse Team Goes Undefeated for Third Straight Year

The JV boys lacrosse team poses for a picture after finishing their season 9-0

By Julia McDermott, Senior Writer

April 30, 2015

Coming off two straight undefeated seasons, the junior varsity boys lacrosse team was far from an underdog at the beginning of this year, but when the bulldogs stepped onto the field for the first time this season, they were ready to retain their record. ‘Why not three.’ And after nine games,...

JV soccer welcomes new coach, embraces style

By Hanna Taft, Staff Writer

October 3, 2011

  Akinola Lake’s addition to the soccer program is definitely a pleasant surprise. With his will to win and his love for the game, CHS’s newest boys JV soccer coach has big plans for his players this year.   At just 22 years old, Coach Lake has already proven to the CHS community that ...

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