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Comfort zones allow WCHS student to shine

Comfort zones allow WCHS student to shine

By Benjamin Pham, Advertising/Subscriptions Manager

March 11, 2019

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Everyone has a comfort zone, an environment where one has a sense of familiarity, safety, and security, and there is something to be said for stepping out of it. When students step out of of their comfort zone, they accomplish things that they aren’t necessarily comfortable doing, with higher levels of st...

Student Arts Spotlight: Julia Maa

Student Arts Spotlight: Julia Maa

By Bryan Fletcher, Production Manager

March 6, 2019

Filed under Arts

Learning and mastering even a single medium of art is already impressive on its own, but finding a balance between multiple forms might as well be an otherworldly ability. Yet this is just the everyday reality for illustrator, senior and animator Julia Maa. Maa has had a great interest in illustration...

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