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Half days only leave room for half of the learning

The current system in place for halddays leave students with no time for valuable learning experiences, which is a serious problem when reviewing or learning material for big tests.

By Ohio Meshanko, Advertising & Subscription Manager

December 17, 2019

With the first quarter of the MCPS 2019-2020 school year over and done with, many students rejoiced at the beginning of a new chapter for the year. Students were also happy to spend time at home, due to the fact that the normal half day that coincides with the quarter’s end was extended this year to i...

Half-Days at CHS

Half-Days at CHS

By Jordan Janis, Features Editor

November 27, 2013

Twenty-minute class periods, going home at 10:50—the only thing better than this type of school day is a school day with no school at all. Every year, the day before Thanksgiving is a half-day for students and teachers.  Although some students attend school, many students find this day pointless...

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