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Jake’s Law blames texting drivers for wrong reasons

By Greer Smith, Senior Writer

June 5, 2014

Imagine someone going out, knowing very well he will be drinking. He gets drunk, drives home, and hits another car, killing someone. Now imagine a teenager driving who hears his phone buzz and sees “Mom” flash on the screen. The teen glances at the phone and hits another car, killing someone. Though...

Creativity is key to thriving on social media

Creativity is key to thriving on social media

By Greer Smith, Opinions Editor

February 27, 2014

Social Media sites seem to be endless these days: Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, Instagram, and the most ubiquitous, Facebook. According to a February 2014 article, Facebook has 1.23 billion users and 46.6 percent of North America uses it. Surprisingly enough, even with these staggering statistics...

Cell phone policy is great in moderation

By Greer Smith, Opinions Editor

November 26, 2013

It is a glorious time to be a student at CHS. The constricting bonds regarding electronic use during school hours have been loosened. According to the CHS website, a new policy allows students to use electronic devices between class periods and during class with teacher permission. Thanks to this new...

‘Django’ deserves praise for honest depictions

By Greer Smith, Circulation Manager

February 28, 2013

Quentin Tarantino released his first movie in three years, Django Unchained, on Christmas Day. The story follows the journey of hero Django (Jamie Foxx, Ray, Dreamgirls)—the D is silent—and his new friend Dr. Schultz (Christopher Waltz, Inglourious Basterds) as they live the life of bounty hunters...

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