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Football sacks holiday family fun time

Football sacks holiday family fun time

By Thomas Geenen, Staff Writer

November 21, 2011

 Turkey Day. An entire 24 hours set aside to enjoy family and food. A time when relatives fly from across the country to be with people they do not often see. A table carefully draped with fall colors and tacky centerpieces to highlight the famed bird. A football-fueled marathon. The NFL Thanksgiving Classic has...

Emergency code names now in line with national system

By Thomas Geenen Staff Writer

September 27, 2011

 Beginning this school year, MCPS is making a permanent change to the emergency situation code names. The former code names, Code Blue and Code Red, will now be referred to as Shelter Alert and Lockdown, respectively. “The terminology has changed from Code Red to Lockdown and Code Blue has been...

Text Zapper is a new device that limits students’ ability to text while driving

By By Thomas Geenen, Staff Writer

December 22, 2010

The open road requires a driver’s total attention, but the subtle beep of a text message notification tends to be distracting. Although the temptation of responding to a pending text is hard to resist, teens can now focus on the road knowing that texting back is not even an option. In light of the...

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