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‘The Fault in our Stars’

'The Fault in our Stars'

By Fiona Asbury, Opinions Editor

June 4, 2014

As the countdown until summer vacation comes to an end, another countdown reaches its final days; the number of days left until The Fault in our Stars movie is released. The much-anticipated film adaptation of John Green’s best-selling novel is set to premiere June 6, causing much excitement among ...

Safety campaign won’t cure traffic woes

Snow days caused a delay in the promise of increased police presence to enforce traffic laws.

By Fiona Asbury, Advertising Manager

February 27, 2014

CHS has recently instituted stricter enforcement for the traffic rules and regulations around the school, including a new electronic sign outside the school aimed at improving the safety of students. According to Principal Joan Benz, what was once a school issue regarding unsafe behaviors around the...

Jacket: $60, banquet $20, team acceptance: priceless?

Jacket: $60, banquet $20, team acceptance: priceless?

By Fiona Asbury, Advertising Manager

November 26, 2013

The list is up. You move your trembling finger down the alphabetically ordered names until, finally, it reaches your own. Congratulations! You are a member of a 2013-2014 CHS varsity athletic team. If making the team is not a shock for you, perhaps what comes next is. Making the team required hard work ...

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