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‘Bossy’ brings bad name to future leaders

By Jasmine Baten, Photo Editor

April 21, 2014

A group project has been assigned, and you’ve been paired with the three kids who don’t do anything. What do you do? The answer seems obvious: take charge, delegate jobs, get the task done. But then what happens? Inevitably, it’ll come, but usually only if you are a girl— "I don’t want to wor...

UN sponsored Girl Up strives to achieve gender equality

Senior Gloria Samen leads Girl Up.

By Ana Faguy, Production Editor

December 6, 2013

Despite the numerous achievements woman kind has made in society, they are still often thought of as second class citizens. However one CHS senior is leading the charge to change that. Girl Up is a United Nations Foundation campaign created to make sure all girls have an opportunity to become educated,...

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