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Mixing of Thanksgiving cultures is the perfect recipe

The dining table is set fora typical Thanksgiving dinner.

By Charley Hutton, Advertising & Subscriptions Manager

November 20, 2019

Ever since the very first one, the ‘traditional’ American Thanksgiving has been evolving and changing to welcome new cultures and backgrounds. With its immigrant-rich population, Montgomery County is known for being full of diversity and different cultures, and WCHS with first-generation Americans...

Teachers bring family to WCHS through their own kids

Mr. Hart-Southworth has two sons at CHS, Alonzo and Stevie. He is just one of many teachers at CHS with kids who attend the school.

By Jackson Resnick, Features Editor

October 18, 2018

A freshman boy gets dropped off at school in front of the main office before first period. He urges his dad to drive away fast so he is not seen with him. His dad drives away into a parking spot in the staff lot and walks right into school behind his son. While this may seem like every high schooler’s...

…But Turkey is Better

...But Turkey is Better

By Thomas Atkinson, Online Features Editor

December 23, 2015

Black Friday was originally known for the color used when accounts made a profit. Now it has become an annual event representing capitalistic, consumer-driven America. Every year, thousands of people wake up early and rush to shopping malls to take advantage of clearance deals and sales instead of...

Athletes: more than just teammates, they are family

Athletes: more than just teammates, they are family

By Katie Gauch, Production Editor

September 30, 2013

 Besides working extremely hard in practice, many athletes consider being like a family one of the most important parts of a team’s success.  Bulldog athletes, on large or small teams, not only build strong friendships, but also, an indestructible "family" alliance. "When we get together and play cohe...

Chickens remind local family of a distant past

Chickens remind local family of a distant past

By Spenser Easterbrook and Matt Rabb

December 21, 2012

Students walking into school at sunrise need not worry. No, you are not going crazy. You did just hear a rooster crow. Look no farther than the Pham residence, a home on Gainsborough Road across from CHS with four egg-producing hens and a rooster. An unusual sight in the middle of Potomac, the chickens joined D...

Students honor Nachu Bhatnagar at lunch memorial

Students honor Nachu Bhatnagar at lunch memorial

By Julia Greenzaid, Online Breaking News Editor

April 10, 2012

CHS students and staff gathered in the auditorium for senior Nachu Bhatnagar’s memorial service at lunch April 10. The CHS community connected through laughter and tears as friends, relatives and teachers honored Nachu by sharing their memories of him. As a slideshow of Nachu’s life played in...

Football sacks holiday family fun time

Football sacks holiday family fun time

By Thomas Geenen, Staff Writer

November 21, 2011

 Turkey Day. An entire 24 hours set aside to enjoy family and food. A time when relatives fly from across the country to be with people they do not often see. A table carefully draped with fall colors and tacky centerpieces to highlight the famed bird. A football-fueled marathon. The NFL Thanksgiving Classic has...

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