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Bulldog Graduates Return to CHS Classrooms

The Class of 2004 produced Sharma, currently a counselor at CHS.

By Drew Ingall and Becky Wolfson, Social Media Editor and Online Arts Editor

March 31, 2017

Some say that high school never really ends. For a select group of CHS staff that once attended CHS, that statement rings true—literally. It may be hard for students to picture their teachers when they were younger, but the Observer got the scoop from CHS teachers who ended up working at their alma...

CHS students, staff prepare for March Madness

CHS students, staff prepare for March Madness

By Ana Faguy and Caitlin Doherty

February 28, 2013

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament—the three weeks of insanity known as March Madness—is just around the corner, and the word from basketball fans at CHS is to expect the unexpected this year. "Anyone can beat anyone," boys basketball coach Matthew Miller said. "Anything can and will happen." A...

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