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College Board makes much-needed changes to SAT

College Board makes much-needed changes to SAT

By Alissa Li and Madison Hurr

April 21, 2014

Three letters, one test. The SAT. For lucky test takers, this dreaded test that is imperative for college admissions is completing transforming in spring 2016. In early March, College Board announced that it will change the entire structure of the test that millions of students have been tirelessly prepa...

College Board takes unfair approach to grading essay

The College Board graders simply scan for key words, not content.

By Yash Nigam, Production Editor

November 26, 2013

The SAT is one of the main factors that affect the college admissions of nearly 2 million students yearly. However, College Board, the creator and sole administrator of the test, unfairly and hastily grades the essay portion, which often puts deserving students at a disadvantage and rewards those who perfor...

College Board has monopoly on education

October 29, 2010

The college admissions process is like one huge whirlwind—everything occurs very quickly and there is not much time to argue or think things through. Most students are advised by their parents, teachers and counselors about what classes to take, what standardized tests to focus on, and what Advanced...

Does College Board make a game of admissions?

By By Amna Farooqi, News Editor, and Justine Stayman, Staff Resources Manager

October 28, 2010

$47 for the reasoning test.  $21 for taking one subject test, and $10 per additional test.  $13 for the PSAT.  $87 for each AP exam.  $25 for the initial CSS Profile Application and $16 per school the application is sent to.  $15 to submit AP scores to colleges, and $10 to submit SAT reasoning and...

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