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Academic dishonesty takes root at WCHS

Recent cheating scandals have shed a light on the dishonest, unfaithful habits of some WCHS students.

By Ella Kaminsky, Features Editor

January 31, 2020

WCHS is known to be a high pressure, high achieving school. Being highly ranked comes with high test scores and other academic achievements that have set the bar high.  “There are families that move specifically into the WCHS community because of the reputation that we have.” WCHS Principal Br...

Collecting phones during assessments will stop cheating

WCHS students constantly recieve answers for quizzes and tests on their phones.

By Jeremy Fredricks, Assistant Opinions Editor

January 19, 2020

For high school students, nothing is more annoying than when other students get the answers for a test that you spent the whole night studying for. Cheating is clearly unfair but with modern technology, it is only becoming easier to get away with it and harder for school administrators to prevent.  ...

Facebook groups increase change of cheating

Facebook groups increase change of cheating

By Sonia Shekar, Staff Writer

November 21, 2011

 It has never been easier for students to share information with each other about classes, but that does not mean this communication is helpful.  Students have made groups on Facebook for many classes so that they can ask each other questions and benefit from the collaboration of other classmates....

Teen Talks does not amend past wrongs

September 30, 2010

The teenage years are all about learning. They’re a time to take risks, to make decisions, to explore identities and to make mistakes, all as part of a learning and growing experience. When a group of students from the current senior class were caught after hacking into the school’s computer system...

Benz, MCPS hold town hall meeting on grade changing scandal

By Natalie Geisler, News Editor and Eshe Hill, Features Editor and Natalie Geisler, News Editor and Eshe Hill, Features Editor

March 9, 2010

Principal Joan Benz held a town meeting Monday, March 8 to further discuss and answer the community’s questions regarding the grade-changing issue uncovered in January.  Speakers included Montgomery County community superintendent Sherry Liebes and chief technology officer Sherwin Collette.  Although...


By Natalie Geisler, News Editor Eshe Hill, Features Editor

March 2, 2010

CHS has always been known for its stellar academics, hardworking students and dedicated teachers, but now it’s known for something else as well: cheating. The Incident According to a Feb. 3 Gazette article, students used a program run off a portable USB device to uncover teachers’ passwords to the...

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