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Principals travel overseas for High School in Israel experience

Principal Joan Benz and assistant principal Doreen Brandes paired up with educators from all over the nation in an enriching experience to learn about High School in Israel opportunities.

By Jake Herman and Max Kandel

November 1, 2017

This summer, Principal Joan Benz and Assistant Principal Doreen Brandes traveled to Israel with a group of educators from across the country, where they learned about Alexander Muss High School in Israel (HSI) and experienced some major cities and landmarks of the country.   HSI is a high school program that allows jew...

‘Bossy’ brings bad name to future leaders

By Jasmine Baten, Photo Editor

April 21, 2014

A group project has been assigned, and you’ve been paired with the three kids who don’t do anything. What do you do? The answer seems obvious: take charge, delegate jobs, get the task done. But then what happens? Inevitably, it’ll come, but usually only if you are a girl— "I don’t want to wor...

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