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TOTM: Bryan Clark

Mr. Clark poses for a photo with his award. The government teacher graduated from the University of Maryland with a double degree.

By Victoria Park, Opinions Editor

March 4, 2020

Social studies classes are some of the most engaging and interesting courses to take at WCHS, especially because of the passionate teachers in the department. AP Comparative Government and AP NSL teacher Bryan Clark is no exception, as students know him for being chill, funny and knowledgeable.  A...

Students Meet Members of Parliament

Students Meet Members of Parliament

By Dani Miller, Production Editor

March 23, 2016

Members of the U.K. Parliament met with 93 A.P Comparative Government students to discuss their political experience, how their government system works and the relationship between the U.S and the U.K. According to A.P Comparative Government teacher Jamie Kimbrough-Groves, her class profiled six...

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