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FACE-OFF: Android vs. iPhone: King Apple reigns supreme

By Brittany Goodman, Archive Manager

September 27, 2011

Excuse me, may I have your attention please? An imposter, I repeat an imposter, of the Apple iPhone is dangerous and on the loose. My name is Android, and I am infiltrating the minds of children and parents around the world with my sleek exterior and tempting apps. My crime? I’m tricking innocent...

FACE-OFF: Android vs. iPhone: Android prevails over iPhone

By Natalia Derechin, Features Production Editor

September 27, 2011

Hi, I’m Mac! I have a cool design, people want me left and right, and it seems that I am the most user-friendly and desired device in the world. The team at Apple has done a fantastic job marketing its products, convincing our generation to believe that anything that is not Apple is rotten and therefore...

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