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‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ swoops into theaters

'Captain America: Winter Soldier' swoops into theaters

By Thomas Atkinson, Public Relations Manager

May 29, 2014

CHS Assemble! Captain America, the world’s first Avenger and a fan-favorite at CHS, swings into theaters this April 4. “I like Cap because he is one of Marvel’s most interesting characters,” sophomore Enoch Lee said. “He depicts what America should be and not what it necessarily is today....

Don’t balk at Cathy, just ‘eat more chikin’

Don't balk at Cathy, just 'eat more chikin'

By Joe Nolan, Opinions Editor

October 1, 2012

When the "news" came out that Chick-fil-A supported the traditional definition of marriage, dissenting CHS students biting into the restaurant chain’s iconic chicken sandwich found themselves in a dilemma difficult to digest: should they continue to patroniza a business that holds atypical views? ...

Sitcoms’ humor falls short

By Kyle Edwards Sports Production Editor

May 6, 2010

After a brutal day of studies and athletic practices, I, like most people, kick back and enjoy a routine TV dinner then turn on the TV and flip to channels such as NBC or ABC to watch a sitcom. My life is torture, not because of the stress of school, basketball practices or poor quality food, but because...

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