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2017-2018 Staff

Maya Rosenberg


Maya Rosenberg is currently serving as Editor-in-Chief. She loves the St. Louis Cardinals, her dog Piper, and all things politics. Her favorite song is Africa by Toto and misses Vine dearly.

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Sofia Williamson

Online Editor-in-Chief

Class of 2018 Sofia Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of the Observer Online. In her free time, she loves to compete with the CHS Slam Poetry team, work on the county SGA, and most of all stress about Honors Physics. S...

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Ethan C. Miller

Staff Writer

Class of 2018 Ethan C. Miller is a staff writer for the Observer. He spends most of his time on the fourth line, standing straight up and being confused about which Ethan Miller was called for attendance. His fa...

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Dani Miller

Print Opinions Editor

Class of 2019 Dani Miller is a Print Opinions Editor and a Production Editor for the Observer. When she is not writing a story, she likes watching adult swim cartoons and listening to music. Follow her on instagram @d...

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Will Hyland

Print Sports Editor

Class of 2018 Will Hyland is a Print Sports Editor and a Production Editor for the Churchill Observer. To him everything is either true or untrue.

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Eli Gordon

Production Manager

Class of 2019 Eli Gordon serves as Production Manager of the Observer. He enjoys playing baseball, skiing and spending time with his friends, family and dog....

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Camila Camp

Staff Writer

Class of 2019 Camila Camp is a Staff Writer for the Observer. Her hobbies include dancing and playing tennis during the week. She enjoys relaxing on days she doesn't have to work.  ...

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Ethan S. Miller

Digital Media Editor

Class of 2019 Ethan S. Miller serves as the Digital Media Editor of the Observer. He is a lanky person who in his free time watches Scandal, Aquille Carr hype videos and listens to his favorite Spotify playlist, Traplife. ...

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Bryan Fletcher

Art Director

Class of 2019 Bryan Fletcher serves as the Art Director and a Production Editor of the Observer. He loves to read, write and listen to music. In his free time he likes to binge different TV shows on Netflix and play video ga...

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Anna Baranko

Online Features Editor and Online Design Manager

Class of 2018  Anna Baranko serves as the Online Features Editor and Design Manager of the Observer. She loves traveling, her dogs and has a serious obsession with Food Network and Whole Foods. ...

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Drew Ingall

Print Arts Editor

Class of 2018 Drew Ingall is a Print Arts Editor for the Observer alongside Nora Holland. He enjoys playing tennis, singing whatever song comes to his mind and is currently being treated for his Obsessive Camp Disorder....

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Laura Sneller

Print Opinions Editor

Class of 2019 Laura Sneller is Opinions Editor for the Observer alongside Dani Miller. In her free time, she likes reading, writing, collecting band shirts, watching Walking Dead and The Office and caring a bit too much abo...

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Jake Herman

Print News Editor

Class of 2018 Jake Herman serves as a Print News Editor for the Observer alongside Rebecca Jackson. In his free time enjoys playing, watching and announcing sports. His favorite activities include going to concert...

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Nora Holland

Print Arts Editor

Class of 2019 Nora Holland is a Print Arts Editor of the Observer alongside Drew Ingall. In her free time she enjoys drinking tea, painting and re-watching Parks & Rec for the fourth time in a row....

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Vicky Gunawan

Photo Editor

Class of 2019 Vicky Gunawan serves as a Photo Editor for the Observer alongside Megan Park. In her free time, she plays on the softball team and loves to travel. She hopes to be on the Observer the rest of her high school c...

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Jenna Greenzaid

Print Features Editor

Class of 2019 Jenna Greenzaid is a Print Features Editor for the Observer alongside Eliza Asbury. She spends her free time reading cheesy books, writing what she thinks are great stories and binge watching multiple shows on ...

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Megan Park

Business Manager

Class of 2019 Megan Park serves as a Photo Editor for the Observer alongside Vicky Gunawan. In her free time, Megan likes to bake and watch all of her favorite television shows while having a good time! She is an avid lover...

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Eliza Asbury

Print Features Editor

Class of 2019 Eliza Asbury is a Print Features Editor for the Churchill Observer alongside Jenna Greenzaid. When she isn’t writing, she loves to play soccer and run track. She loves spending time with her family sailing o...

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Rebecca Jackson

News Editor

Class of 2018 Rebecca Jackson is a News Editor for the Observer alongside Jake Herman. She also responds to"Jackson5," or "Meme Queen," and is currently still mourning the death of Vine. ...

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Ben Dross

Staff Writer

Class of 2018 Ben Dross is a Staff Writer for the Observer. He also is a member of Churchill's hockey team and spends the majority of his time participating in BBYO/ Simon Atlas AZA #126 events.  ...

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Sara Heimlich

Print Editor-in-Chief

Class of 2018  Sara Heimlich is Print Editor-in-Chief of the Observer alongside Maya Rosenberg. Despite her name, Sara does NOT know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver. She is a nice Jewish girl with a positive outlook on the...

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Kyle Emery

Staff Writer

Class of 2018 Kyle Emery is a Staff Writer for the Observer. He is also known to the masses as “Kemery” among the Observer staff. He loves chicken nuggets, noodles and a nice hair flow. Dab him up if you spot him in th...

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