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Natural Highways is the perfect solution to that stir crazy feeling you have been experiencing during the pandemic. Their organization provides opportunities to get exercise and connect with peers. Check out their Instagram for more information.

Natural Highways encourages individuals to spend time outdoors

By Sylvia Thomson, Assistant Social Media Manager March 1, 2021

49 weeks have passed since students could attend school without a Zoom link. Individuals have been confined to their homes for almost a year, so it is understandable that restlessness has settled in as...

Pop for a Cause, created by Amanda Kossoff, offers popcorn in many flavors, such as zebra and kettle, in many different sizes for all type of gatherings or parties.

Pop for a Cause: a healthy, delicious way to give back and make a difference

By Jordan Pashkoff, Assistant Online Editor February 22, 2021

Drizzled in chocolate or caramel, sprinkled with crushed Oreos or plain, air-popped popcorn is one of the most versatile snacks. WCHS sophomore Amanda Kossoff, who started Pop for a Cause, uses that to...

Students for Students provides an opportunity for students to connect and talk about important topics related to mental health. For each meeting, the program will send out information on how to access the Zoom.

Students for Students provides support in our virtual world

By Andrew Chan, Editor-in-Chief February 17, 2021

Class discussions are now dark rectangles filled with names and muted red microphone symbols; lunch is no longer lively, just lonely; and the once crowded WCHS hallways are depressingly empty. With so...

YouVisit offers students the ability to virtually tour campuses and buildings of colleges they want, like the local University of Maryland College Park.

In-person college visits are moved to virtual to contain the spread of COVID-19

By Nur Yavuz, Features Editor February 17, 2021

College visits-- a crucial part of picking the right school for you. The graduating classes of 2021 and 2022 are forced to find alternatives to seeing the colleges that are at the top of their lists in-person,...

The number of travelers that went through TSA checkpoints went from well over 2 million per week pre-pandemic, to just over 500,000 per week. This was due to many canceling their travel plans because of COVID-19 concerns.

Top ten events to look forward to in 2021

By Liam Klein, Assistant Online Editor February 17, 2021

By all measures, 2020 was a pretty horrendous year. From COVID-19, to mass hoarding, to Murder hornets to a global shutdown that left the world in standstill . With all that in mind, 2021 is shaping up...

Seniors Holly Shimabukuro and Quinn Cook plan to spend their Valentine's Day on a hike. They have been forced to be more careful in planning dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creative date ideas to stay safe during COVID-19

By Trevor Gardemal, Social Media Manager February 17, 2021

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many WCHS students are excited to celebrate. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dating is harder than ever. Couples can no longer go to dinner and a movie without...

Switching teachers for the second semester was much easier with in person school as students received schedules like the one shown at the beginning of the year. In virtual learning, students had to search for new classes on canvas and make sure they could find all of their new zoom links.

Students adjust to new schedules for their second semester of virtual learning

By Austin Vinner, Observations Editor February 7, 2021

As the first semester comes to a close, students and teachers alike are facing another challenge. One that has not been an issue since September and one that many members of the school community hoped...

 Every year, a section of people decide to write down their resolutions for the year to follow. However, others believe that this is nonsense and you can decide to change your lifestyle any day of the year. Which person are you?

New Year’s resolutions: a ritual worth following or an outdated tradition?

By Melissa Redlich, Sports Editor February 1, 2021

Resolutions - a salute to the old year and welcoming of the new. Sharpay in “High School Musical 2” said it perfectly, “It’s out with the old and in with the new. Goodbye clouds of grey, hello...

Tova Niles sits on the bus with a friend on the way to sleep away camp. She had attended for five summers in a row before it being cancelled last year.

Students prepare for another uncertain summer due to COVID-19

By Rachel Mattison, Assistant Advertising & Subscriptions Manager January 31, 2021

Camps closed, travel halted, internships canceled and jobs difficult to find--the scene of summer 2020 looked significantly different than anyone could have imagined. Many plans for summer 2020 were put...

Padilla keeps all of her Squishmallows organized on her bed, with the large cat in the middle. Padilla loves to sleep on the cat, using it as an extra pillow to make her bed even more comfortable.

From the FYP to your home, TikTok showcases trending items for users to purchase

By Allison Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2021

From VSCO girls to Squishmallows, TikTok finds trends in just about everything. New makeup looks and crazy dances are common and easy for users to partake in. However, with over one billion users, if TikTok...

Micheal Demske grips his Ps4 controller in his home when he realizes that he is procrastinating. Micheal's resolution is to stop procrastinating so he has made schedules to keep him on task.

Turn your New Year’s resolutions into a reality with these helpful tips

By Jack Gans, Photo Manager January 31, 2021

Every year families go around the dinner table telling each other their resolutions for the new year, yet many of these resolutions go down the drain before they are followed through. Some common resolutions...

Maeve McGuire presents her Girl Scout award project to her peers in 2019. She was able to do this because of her high cookies sales, but some Scouts do not have this same opportunity due to a fall in finances during COVID-19.

Scout out for Girl Scout cookies this season

By Charley Hutton, Advertisements and Subscriptions Manager January 25, 2021

For over a century, young girls across the U.S. have been selling cookies within their communities, all while learning about leadership and confidence. Known for their signature green vest and sash, decorated...

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