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Great Wall Reveals More Than Meets the Eye

A movie poster of The Great Wall is seen on a CHS student's screen.

By Joe Raab, Social Media Editor

March 10, 2017

When I first saw the trailer for The Great Wall, I was confused. What was Matt Damon doing in a movie about the Great Wall? What is this movie even about? I was a little skeptical as I walked into the theater, but all of my concerns were quickly washed away.   The movie is based on the adventures of Will...

Observer Details Two-Part Flash Special

The Flash roars with pride and fury in a scene from the popular show.

By Ben Dross, Sports Editor

March 1, 2017

*Disclaimer: As the Flash is a science fiction show, there are both an "Earth 1" and "Earth 2." In its 2 part Flash vs. Gorilla Grodd special, The Flash fails to stick the landing, finishing a promising 2 hour saga with a lousy, anticlimactic ending. EPISODE ONE The first episode begins wit...

Fifty Shades of Grey Contains Multiple Layers

Fifty Shades of Grey Contains Multiple Layers

By Balbina Yang, Arts Editor

February 23, 2017

It has been two years since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, the first of E.L. James’ erotic drama trilogy. It has been about a week since Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel, came out in theaters and broke top box office records, coming in second behind The Lego Batman Movie. But, why is the franchis...

Split Surprises Viewers In Multiple Ways

One of Crumb's personalities, Hedwig, sits on the floor during the movie.

By Megan Park, Business Manager

February 22, 2017

I was under the impression that Split would be closely related to a horror movie. Surprisingly, it was anything but. Split is centered around a main character with dissociative identity disorder (DID) and three girls, Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), Claire (Haley Lu Richardson) and Marcia (Jessica Sula). The three gir...

Netflix Remake Portrays Latinos Accurately

“One Day At A Time” premiered on Netflix Jan. 6. It is a modern remake of  the 1975 show of the same name  and tackles many hard-hitting issues of today.

By Eugenia Cardinale and Emi Cardinale, Editor-in-Chief and Production Editor

February 21, 2017

“This is it. This is life. The one you get.” The new Netflix original series, “One Day At a Time” (ODAAT), took the Netflix universe by storm Jan. 6. The show, which is a remake of the 1975 sitcom by the same name, is about three generations of a Cuban-American family living in the United States....

Oscars Are Taking A Step in the Right Direction: More Work Still Needed to Increase Diversity in film

Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Monae at a press confrence for “Hidden Figures.” The movie is the highest grossing film of 2016.

February 21, 2017

After two years of disappointing and insensitive award shows, the Academy Awards has finally responded to the overwhelming criticism about the lack of diversity in their nominations. However, a full year after the #oscarsowhite campaign, representation in Hollywood still has a long way to go. 2016 was...

New ‘Fantasy’ Sport Appeals to Hopeless Romantics

By Ethan S. Miller, Fact Checker

February 21, 2017

Fantasy sports, an industry that is traditionally dominated by football, baseball and basketball, has introduced a new sport that has infiltrated the halls of CHS: Fantasy Bachelor. The Fantasy Bachelor game, in which contestants earn points for a combination of weekly predictions of what will occur...

La La Land Lives Up To Expectations

Mia and Sebastian in a scene from

By Emi Cardinale, Production Manager

January 23, 2017

I was extremely excited to see “La La Land,” and it definitely did not disappoint. It portrays a young couple’s love story through captivating imagery and quirky musical numbers. Throughout the movie, the story of two multifaceted characters, Mia and Sebastian, are both impacted by their relationship...

Top Movies Entertain yet Spread Progressive Messages

Top Movies Entertain yet Spread Progressive Messages

By Emi Cardinale, Production Editor

January 9, 2017

2016 was a wonderful year for movies. Here are a few of my favorite of the top rated movies of this year. ‘Zootopia’ “Zootopia” is about a rabbit who dreams of becoming a police officer which is not a job that rabbits can have within the social hierarchy of Zootopia. Number 1 on Rotten...

Rogue One Delivers More than Expected

A scene from Rogue One.

By Emily Wang, Features Editor

January 8, 2017

Despite my initial concerns over the quality of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” after seeing the trailers with Felicity Jones’s deadpan expression and monotone delivery of lines, the movie lived up to expectations and beyond. Avid Star Wars fans need not fear about Rogue One ending up like the...

Moana Rings with Disappointment

By Sara Heimlich, Features Editor

December 15, 2016

Much like the rest of our Disney-conditioned generation, the company’s newest princess movie, “Moana” called me. However, the hype subsided as the movie was no “Frozen.” “Moana” focuses on the daughter of an ancient Polynesian chief, who, upon discovering the voyaging history of her...

‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Premieres on Netflix

The “Gilmore Girls” revival premiered on Netflix Nov. 25. Many students have waited for years to watch it.

By Emiliana Cardinale and Nora Holland, Production Manager and Production Editor

December 5, 2016

“Where you lead, I will follow…” “Gilmore Girls” is filled with friendships, morals, drama and lots of coffee. The show follows a single mother, Lorelai, as she struggles to find her dream job, and her daughter Rory through high school and into college. They live in the fictional town of Stars...

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