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College endowments should be taxed

Harvard's doors open only for those who can pay the gatekeeper.

By Yash Nigam, Senior Writer

May 21, 2015

While the American tax code has always had loopholes, political and financial analysts across the country have found what seems to be a gaping crater in tax regulation: college endowments. It may come as a shock to many when they see a list of the endowments of the top 10 American colleges. If one ...

A five on the AP should merit an A in the class

If students receive a 5 on an Advanced Placement exam, some AP teachers will bump their semester grade to reflect their content mastery.

By Arjun Swaminathan and Yash Nigam

April 29, 2015

Currently, a student at CHS can receive the highest possible AP exam score, a five, and not receive an A in said AP class. This is unacceptable. A student who shows mastery on the AP test should receive a “bump” in letter grade for his or her accomplishment. Certain AP teachers in the school will...

Tutoring website creates platform for interactive help

Tutoring website creates platform for interactive help

By Danny Gordon, Staff Writer

October 24, 2014

Senior Yash Nigam, an Observer staff writer and online opinions editor, recently developed an e-learning system called VolunteerTutor that enables high school students to collaborate with peers using an online collaborative system. The conferencing happens through digital whiteboards with file and...

Administration launches pedestrian safety program

Administration launches pedestrian safety program

By Danny Gordon and Yash Nigram

February 24, 2014

In response to recent concerns over CHS’ morning drop-off habits, the administration launched a pedestrian safety campaign Jan. 27. The administration observed an increase in jaywalking, inattentiveness while crossing the street and illegal U-turns, and is attempting to enforce more stringent safety p...

Left Turn Signal Should be Added to Tuckerman Traffic Light

Left Turn Signal Should be Added to Tuckerman Traffic Light

By Yash Nigam, Production Editor

October 30, 2013

Tuckerman Lane is saturated with cars in the morning before school starts. The congestion is exhausting to drivers and is hazardous, especially for inexperienced teenage drivers who have not been that exposed to busy intersections. The lack of a left turn signal only makes the situation worse. Such...

Juniors show support for McCabe during illness

By Yash Nigam, Production Editor

April 3, 2013

Junior Harrison McCabe has been undergoing extensive medical treatment since he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in late September. "What I have is something called an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), examples of which include Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis," McCabe said. "Although my sy...

Does Turnitin successfully catch plagiarism?

By Yash Nigam, Production Editor

May 3, 2012

Four thousand dollars open up a world of possibilities. With this large sum of money, the school could improve its bathrooms or purchase new computers. Despite the immense benefits of saving money, the school has made the conscious decision to continue paying thousands of dollars for Turnitin, a usel...

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