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To stop marijuana use, adults need to lighten up

By Ariel Levchenko, Online Opinions Editor

April 29, 2015

Disclaimer: This article in no way endorses marijuana or encourages students to use it. It merely argues that current attitudes toward marijuana use only worsen the issue. Marijuana is a fairly common topic in high school. Some students have tried it, all have at least heard of it, and joking about...

Public opinion sways legislation, marijuana bills pass

Public opinion sways legislation, marijuana bills pass

By Sonia Shekar and Lara Fu

April 25, 2013

Pot. Weed. Mary Jane. Herb. Bud. Nug. Whatever name you know marijuana by, laws regarding its use in the state of Maryland may be changing soon. The Maryland House of Representatives and Senate are currently debating on two issues regarding marijuana: legalizing its use for medical purposes and decrim...

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