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Administration works to fight against vaping epidemic

Although they were originally designed to help addicts quit smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes have found a new and dangerous use among youth.

By Miranda Chung and Ohio Meshanko

October 18, 2019

To date, more than ten teenagers have been confirmed dead as a direct result of e-cigarettes, or vapes. Last spring, some anonymous WCHS students were found intoxicated in a bathroom due to vaping. One student even had to be picked up by ambulance after another vaping related incident.  E-cigs w...

Administration attempts to puff out vaping

The use of vapes and e-cigarettes at WCHS have grown into a harmful and dangerous situation, and for this reason the administration is considering taking new precautions to prevent their use at school.

By Bryan Fletcher and Benjamin Pham

May 8, 2019

Following recent, notable events at school involving THC addictions and the use of vape pens, the WCHS administration is looking into new policies restricting the presence of drugs on school grounds and in classrooms. With now being a better time than ever to initiate discussions about the hazards...

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