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Soup companies make transition to BPA-free

Soup companies make transition to BPA-free

By Ariana Etessami, Staff Writer

October 1, 2012

You’ve just come down with the flu, it’s a rainy day and you just had a fight with your parents. It’s one of those days. You usually wouldn’t think twice about reaching for a can of some yummy, hits-the-spot chicken noodle soup—that is, until now. Recent studies have shown that this popular ...

Metal detectors necessary for school safety

MCPS has initiated $9 million security system upgrade.

By Julia Reagan, Public Relations and Social Media Manager

September 25, 2012

How many students at CHS would expect to hear a gunshot in the cafeteria?  How many would expect a violent and potentially fatal event to happen on their first day of school? The students at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County certainly were not expecting it, and CHS students would not either.  B...

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