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New Promethean boards grace CHS classrooms

New Promethean boards grace CHS classrooms

By Elizabeth Campbell, Production Editor

January 29, 2013

Seven new promethean boards were set up in classrooms around the school during the semester exam break. Five of the new boards were purchased by the Educational Foundation with money from fundraisers, and two were bought by the PTSA with money from the Brag Brick fund which had been earmarked for technology. The...

Promethean boards installed in elementary schools

By Jessica Hirsch Online Editor-in-Chief

October 26, 2011

  When I was in elementary school, cleaning the blackboards was a rite of passage. Coughing through the cloud of chalk dust was an experience everyone shared; however, as technology changes, students will no longer get to have that experience.   Local elementary schools have recently begun ...

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