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Student speedskater glides past competition

Student speedskater glides past competition

By Emilie Plesset, Online Editor-In-Chief

October 2, 2012

New student junior Shaner LeBauer has more on his mind than just making new friends and navigating the CHS hallways. As a nationally competitive speedskater he hopes to take his skating to a higher level. "This season I only have one goal in mind, and that’s to make the Junior World team," LeBauer s...

Departments offer new electives

Departments offer new electives

By Emilie Plesset, Online Opinions Editor

December 20, 2011

 CHS students will find more electives from which to choose for the 2012-2013 school year. The new electives that will be offered are Model UN, Peace Studies, Impact: A Survey in Modern American History, Fashion Design and Construction, Filmmaking, Percussion Band, Musical Theatre, Culture in Literatu...

Middle school grades should not make transcript

By Online Opinions Editor, Emilie Plesset

October 26, 2011

 When in middle school, students are strongly encouraged to take certain classes, like world languages, that appear on a high school transcript. Some middle school students, however, have yet to recognize the importance of academics. Many are still learning vital studying techniques and have not yet...

CHS gets new computers

By Online Opinions Editor, Emilie Plesset

September 8, 2011

With every new school year come changes and this year CHS students discovered new flat screen computer monitors in place of the old CRT monitors and an upgrade to the computer program Windows 7. According to Media Services Technician Scott Selman, MCPS schools receives new technology every four yea...

Beverly Farms, Hoover plan major summer renovations

By Emilie Plesset, Online Opinions Editor

April 12, 2011

For many CHS students, nine years of memories will be destroyed this summer as Herbert Hoover Middle School and Beverly Farms Elementary School will be demolished and undergo construction. Beverly Farms is scheduled to start construction this July, and during the 2011-2012 school year Beverly Farms...

Retest policy leads to a lack of understanding

By Emilie Plesset, Fact Checker

May 28, 2010

Most classes require students to be assessed on learned material, especially by means of  summative tests, which are often given at the end of instructional units and account for a high percentage of the overall quarter grade.  However, this can be a problem when students find their grades falling...

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