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New ‘Fantasy’ Sport Appeals to Hopeless Romantics

By Ethan S. Miller, Fact Checker

February 21, 2017

Fantasy sports, an industry that is traditionally dominated by football, baseball and basketball, has introduced a new sport that has infiltrated the halls of CHS: Fantasy Bachelor. The Fantasy Bachelor game, in which contestants earn points for a combination of weekly predictions of what will occur...

Kyle in Context

Kyle in Context

By By Kyle Edwards, Online Humor Columnist

December 20, 2011

I believe in using the knowledge gained in some parts of life to succeed in others. My goal over the past year was to become a successful fantasy football manager, so I focused all my attention on one league and created a system of winning where my idealism and favoritism came last. I learned both of...

Fantasy cross country takes hold in County

By Luke Frentsos, Sports Photography Editor

October 24, 2011

  Fantasy baseball, football and basketball are all well-known fantasy leagues in the CHS community. However, a new fantasy league, the fantasy cross country league, has emerged and is quickly running to the top. Gaithersburg High School ‘03 alumnus and Mocorunning website founder Kevin Milsted s...

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