The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

Narcan, a life-saving medication that can quickly reverse the effects of opioid overdoses, is now permitted for students to carry in school with the hope that the number of fatal overdoses in MCPS decrease.

MCPS implements a new policy after major drug issues

By Caroline Harless, News Editor May 30, 2023

Within the walls of MCPS, an insidious force has seized control: the fentanyl epidemic. From narratives of misguided experimentation to the victims of peer pressure, fentanyl-induced overdoses have plagued...

In 2021, about 75% of adolescent overdose deaths were attributed to fentanyl. The opioid has become more common in schools recently, leading to more risk, and in many cases, preventable deaths.

Decisive action needed to eradicate substance use

By Maximus Wang, Staff Writer May 20, 2023

The heartbreaking stories are numerous and overwhelming- a bright young student losing their life to a substance they, whether intentionally or not, consumed. This killer always seems so far away, until...

Counterfeit pills laced with Fentanyl can be difficult to distinguish from the authentic ones. These fake pills tend to be a light blue with M and 30 stampings.

Fentanyl: the silent killer of Montgomery Co.

By Julia Levi, Assistant Observations Editor March 23, 2023

The growing epidemic of teen opioid abuse seems to be relentless and never ending. Within the past few months fentanyl has been rapidly circulating throughout MCPS, with 70% of overdoses in the county...

Do CHS students ‘just say no’?

By Sammi Silber, Editor in Chief November 20, 2014

By the end of high school, students have sat through years of health classes to learn the horrors of drugs and the proper way to “just say no” to using them.  Regardless of being taught these dangers,...

NFL has unfair penalties

By Jake Certner, Staff Writer September 26, 2014

The NFL has recently changed what defines a drug offense in their eyes, yet they have not made any strides in improving the ineffective punishment system they continue to use for these violations. Before...

Teens fear police more than damage from drug use

Teens fear police more than damage from drug use

By Lori Koenick and Allison Srour, Features Editors March 27, 2012

  Pregaming ─ a typical teenager ritual to get loosened up before a big event such as a party or a concert. Pregaming usually entails taking a few shots or having a couple beers, but now popping...

Ecstasy: The Highs and Lows of the “Love Drug”

By Ben Hollander Staff Writer October 26, 2011

The following narrative is based on a first time user’s experience with MDMA. Any students mentioned have had their names changed to protect their identity. Senior John walks into a club and is welcomed...

Ivory wave has dangerous effects, legality questioned

By Emma Crutchfield, Staff Writer April 15, 2011

People have heard of all of the commonly abused drugs like marijuana, heroin and cocaine, but now there is a new drug people are starting to abuse—Ivory Wave. According to Dr. Leon Gussow, the editor...

Adderall abuse increases dramatically among teens

By Tony Raffa, Staff Writer Ben Hollander, Staff Writer April 12, 2011

The common idea that kids only take drugs to get high is changing. Adderall and other Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) medication usage has increased rapidly among teenagers in the last...

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