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Coaching Continuity Strengthens CHS Teams

Senior Andrew Kurapov skates toward the goal in a Jan. 27 game agaisnt Wootton. The Bulldogs won 6-3 and clinched first place for the playoffs.

By Will Hyland, Production Editor

February 21, 2017

With a combined 12 titles over the past decade, the CHS ice hockey, girls soccer and boys lacrosse teams have been three of the most successful teams at CHS. The reason for the success, however, isn’t entirely due to an overflow in all-met talent. All three teams have found success through lack...

Limitations on Off-season Coaching Unreasonable

CHS baseball players participated in a summer league team without the help of their Churchill head coach.

By Jake Certner, Sports Editor

September 29, 2015

“Championships are won in the offseason” is the classic sports mantra MCPS has decided to completely ignore, and even go so far as to work against. According to the MCPS website, it is against county policy for teams to compete, practice or even meet with their coaches beyond the designated season,...

Budget cuts threaten JV sports, coaching

By Sarah Reitzes News Editor

May 16, 2011

Later this month, the Montgomery County Council will vote on a proposal to cut $1 million of the approximately $7 million budgeted for MCPS athletics. These cuts could include the elimination of JV cheerleading squads and coed volleyball teams in county high schools, the shortening of all JV seasons...

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