The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

2021-22s Black History Month mural created by the iDream Churchill Club was created to spread awareness towards the WCHS students about African American history. It was made to show the importance of BHM and the many lives that have been impacted throughout the years.

iDream Churchill strives to commemorate Black history

By Kendyl Groisser, Assistant Online Editor March 21, 2023

Slavery, segregation and police brutality are all struggles that black Americans have faced throughout history and still face today. Black History Month (BHM) serves as a celebration of black culture and...

Kids who attended Family Day Feb. 9 were exposed to an interesting perspective on old folktales and African American art.  They also learned how to draw in traditional styles.

Black History Month blends celebration with education

By Austin Vinner, Photo Manager June 4, 2019

February is known for many things: it is the shortest month, it has a leap year once every four years, and it includes Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day. But possibly the most enriching thing about...

One in every eight students at CHS is black. Since CHS prides itself on diversity and acceptance of all students, the school should acknowledge the history and experiences of all groups.

Black History Month Deserves Recognition

By Thomas Atkinson, Online Features Editor February 25, 2016

Attempting to find any trace of support for Black History Month is like trying to find a well-rested junior: impossible. Over the past few months, CHS has sponsored a variety of events to support many...

A letter to our readers:

By By Andrea Mirviss, Editor-in-Chief March 2, 2011

Last month, the Observer recieved a copy of an old CHS newspaper dated April 1968 from an alumnus who graduated from CHS in 1968, Phil Jehle.  We have reprinted below an editorial written by a CHS U.S....

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