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“~how i’m feeling~” album paints different versions of Lauv

By Hannah Zozobrado, Arts Editor

March 12, 2020

The Hopeless Romantic (blue), The Existentialist (purple), The Playboy (orange), The Eccentric (red), The Jokester (green), The Optimist (yellow): these are the different versions of Lauv that portray themselves throughout the album "~how i'm feeling~". The album cover has Lauv sitting in white attir...

Harry Styles walks a Fine Line in his second solo album

Pop icon Harry Styles released his highly-anticipated sophomore album on Dec. 13, 2019

By Sacha Feldberg, Arts Editor

January 5, 2020

Former One Direction member Harry Styles walks a fine line. He doesn’t follow the mainstream. He crafts his own unique style. Back in 2017, Styles released his self-titled debut album. He was the heartbroken ex-boyfriend. He was the lovesick teenage boy. In 2019, Styles has released his second ...

Finneas releases new EP “Blood Harmony”

On October 4th, Finneas released his EP album,

By Sacha Feldberg, Arts Editor

October 17, 2019

Billie Eilish’s 22-year-old brother Finneas is gaining recognition as one of the most multi-talented people in the music industry with the release of his debut EP, “Blood Harmony.” The album has a cinematic quality to it, with dreamy production, creative storytelling, and beautiful cover art. Whi...

XXXTentacion Reveals Multiple Layers with 17

XXXTentacion's new album come with multiple layers and raw sounds.

By Jenna Greenzaid, Features Editor

December 10, 2017

There are so many different genres an artist’s music can embody; there are so many ways an artist can change their sound; there are so many blips of information floating around the internet about each and every artist; there are so many different things to understand and comprehend in regards to th...

Walk the Moon delivers unique beats

Walk the Moon's new album delivers funky, fresh beats.

By Drew Ingall, Arts Editor

December 5, 2017

“What If Nothing” is actually “something” worth listening to if you are a fan of Walk the Moon.     This new album is their first in three years since “TALKING IS HARD.”  “What If Nothing” mixes sounds from what feels like two totally different worlds, and brings them tog...

‘Search for Everything’ Finds the Right Note

CHS students can listen to John Mayer’s new album on their phones through streaming services such as Apple Music.

By Jake Herman, News Editor

June 5, 2017

Nearly 16 years after he released his first studio album, John Mayer has yet again found success while managing to revolutionize his sound on his new album, “The Search for Everything.” In the newest album, his seventh altogether, Mayer moves away from the subtle, humble folk sounds of his previous...

Midnight Album Mixes Melody and Meaning

By Maya Rosenberg, Editor-in-Chief

April 2, 2017

British singer-song writer Lewis Watson released his sophomore album “Midnight” Mar. 25, and he’s never sounded better. His signature acoustic style blends perfectly with the heavier sounds of percussion, piano and electric guitar to create an album that has both beautiful melodies and creative...

Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” Successfully Comments on Society

Solange Knowles' album,

By Dani Miller, Production Editor

October 25, 2016

Following in the footsteps of her über-famous sister Beyonce, Solange Knowles’ new album “A Seat at the Table” infuses neo-soul and poetry to sonically share the story of Black America in a way that demands to be heard. For most of her career, Solange Knowles has been stuck in the shadows of...

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