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Recent events incite action from administration

Students in leadership class work to promote a united WCHS community through artistic pieces such as banners. Also, a new advisory period will take place once a month for students and staff to discuss grade level and community-wide issues.

By Bryan Fletcher and Fatima Yazdi

March 6, 2019

Following the recent events involving N-Word usage passes being handed out to students, principal Brandice Heckert and WCHS administration are taking new measures to fight against bigotry, racism and insensitivity at school. The incident, which has since reached national news headlines, has drawn...

Good Communication is Necessary

Good Communication is Necessary

January 11, 2017

We think of CHS as place where all are welcome and as a place where students have the support they need. But time and time again, this ideal has unfortunately been proven incorrect. Over the past year, CHS has been through an extraordinary number of emotional stressors. As a community, we look towards...

Money matters: CHS to fix financial flaws

Money matters: CHS to fix financial flaws

By Lara Fu and Dana Youngentob

February 28, 2013

CHS staff and administration are working to improve financial processes and procedures after receiving a subpar 2012 internal audit from MCPS. Some of the audit’s criticisms included incorrectly classified transactions; the purchase of a cell phone for a staff member when MCPS already provided th...

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