Creative and great ways to make money as a teenager


Courtesy of Sarah Genn

One of Sarah Genn’s responsibilies as a retail workers at My Best Friend’s Closet is to model the clothing for Instagram. This was a post from Nov. 3 promotting some of the store’s newest winter styles.

By Ava Freeman, Features Editor

Making money as a teen seems like a difficult task. Often, companies prefer to hire adults with years of experience or someone with at least a high school degree. However, this does not have to be the case as nowadays there are many opportunities for high schoolers to work or make money. Here is a list of jobs and creative ways to make money as a teenager. 


Between going to school, participating in clubs or sports, and spending time with friends, the school year can be a busy time for students. This is why having a seasonal job during the summer can be a great opportunity for teens to make money without overloading their schedule during the year. 

Lifeguarding is popular amongst highschoolers because it is a social job and usually does not require any prior work experience. It is easy to become lifeguard certified as most local swimming pools offer courses for future lifeguards to take. 

“In order to become a lifeguard you have to be at least 15 years old, and you need to complete a 20 hour certifaction certification,” junior Cameron Barclay said. 


Another seasonal job that is great for teens is to become a summer camp counselor. Being a counselor is perfect for teens who enjoy working with and assisting children in various fun activities. 

There are many different types of camps for teens to work at, such as numerous sports camps, travel camps, and sleepaway camps. Also, many camps, such as those offered at Bullis High School, offer SSL hours for teenage counselors.

“My favorite part of working as a counselor was being able to play with kids in the swimming pool and meeting the other counselors,” junior Luke Calhoun said. 

Sale Associate 

In addition to seasonal jobs, working at a clothing boutique or any retail store is an easy way for teens to make money year round. Many clothing stores will consider hiring teenagers with little to no retail experience as long as they are eager to learn and knowledgeable about the type of clothes/brands that store sells. Another plus to working at a clothing store is that many stores offer employee discounts. 

WCHS junior Sarah Genn works at a local clothing boutique, My Best Friend’s Closet, and loves being able to help customers find what looks good on them.  

“My responsibilities as a retail worker include helping customers find what they are looking for, cleaning dressing rooms, working the register, and modeling the clothes for Instagram,” Genn said.


Babysitting is a perfect first time job for teenagers who are looking for a flexible schedule. It is a great way to earn work experience before going out to get another job where you are working under a boss or manager. Many teenagers enjoy babysitting because it gives them the opportunity to play with children and make money while doing it. 

Growing up with younger cousins, WCHS junior Izzy Polglase knew that she enjoyed working with children and would be able to handle the job of being a babysitter. 

“As a babysitter it is my top priority to make sure the kids are having a fun time with me, while also enforcing the house rules,” Polglase said. “I make sure they are fed, clean, and ready for bed.”

These job opportunities are good ways for teenagers to make money during their free time. There are many ways for young people to work during the different seasons to keep busy and be productive, which can help them in the long term with future careers.