Beefsteak Brings Vegetables into the Spotlight


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Beefsteak, which takes its name from beefsteak tomatoes, is opening soon in the Montgomery Mall food court. It currently has locations in DuPont Circle and at George Washington University. Created by Jose Andres, Beefsteak’s menu focuses on vegetables but still provides options for those who can eat meat.

By Anna Baranko, Social Media Editor

A new restaurant in Montgomery Mall is not a new phenomenon, but Beefsteak, set to open in the food court this summer, is trying to set itself apart from other restaurants by offering vegetables as the main focus of its meals.
“The philosophy behind Beefsteak is that vegetables can be the star of the show,” said Beefsteak’s Director of Operations Jim Biafore. “They’re colorful, bold, flavorful and packed with nutrients. Our goal is to bring veggies to the center of the plate and deliver good food, fast.”
At Beefsteak, customers can make a bowl, similar to that of Chipotle or Cava, or they can opt for a “burger” with a vegetable as the patty. If the customer chooses a bowl, he or she selects a grain, some vegetables, a house-made sauce, a protein and some extra toppings. The proteins offered at Beefsteak include salmon, poached egg, mozzarella cheese, chicken or avocado.
“Whether you are an avid meat eater, vegan or anything in between, Beefsteak is so customizable that anyone can enjoy it,” Biafore said. “We love vegetables, but above all, we love good food, and our concept is about letting those vegetables shine to showcase their unique fresh flavor.”
Beefsteak is the creation of celebrity chef Jose Andres. Andres has many other popular restaurants in this area including Jaleo, Minibar and Zaytinya. There are currently two Beefsteak locations, one in Dupont Circle and one at George Washington University. Another location is set to open in Tenleytown.
According to sophomore Isabel Hertz, there are not many restaurant options for vegetarians like her, so she really likes the idea of having a restaurant that focuses on vegetables rather than meat.
The vegetables and the “burger” patties at Beefsteak change to accommodate the season. They are currently serving a tomato patty, while in the winter they serve beet patties.
One might wonder why the name is Beefsteak since it seems quite odd for a mostly vegetarian restaurant to name itself after a cut of meat, but the name Beefsteak refers to a beefsteak tomato, not meat.
“People who are meat-eaters just don’t think you can have a good meal that is vegetarian.” English teacher Mary Dempsey said. “So if they try it out and have a good meal that’s vegetarian, they’re more likely to cut back on their own consumption.”