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Future UMD students react to Big 10 switch

By Lara Fu and Matt Raab

December 20, 2012

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, the old proverb goes. For Terps fans come 2014, a bizarrely warped version of this wisdom will have to apply as the University of Maryland parts ways with traditional rivals Duke University, North Carolina State and Florida State of t...

People are oversensitive to ‘Linsanity’

People are oversensitive to 'Linsanity'

By Lara Fu, Advertising Manager

March 26, 2012

 Racism has always been a serious issue. People have fought wars and filed lawsuits over equal rights and civil liberties, and today, there is a greater ongoing effort to be politically correct. But add some fortune cookies to an ice cream designed to honor a talented Asian-American basketball player,...

Engineering, math most promising fields

By By Lara Fu, Advertising Manager

February 21, 2012

Senior Nik Ramirez plans to major in either photography or stage design in college. Both majors fall under the general category of arts, which according to a recent Georgetown University study has an unemployment rate of 11.1 percent and a starting salary of $30,000 a year—considerably lower than that...

Iranian-American held in assassination attempt

By Lara Fu, Advertising Manager

November 22, 2011

  It has been 10 years since 9/11, but terrorist plots are still a threat to national security. After Manssor Arbabsiar and Gholam Shakuri allegedly planned an assassination attempt against Saudi Arabia’s U.S. ambassador, the U.S. government pressed charges against them Oct. 11.   Arbab...

JV athletic teams, varsity coaches suffer budget cuts

By Lara Fu Advertising Manager

September 27, 2011

The Montgomery County Council and the Montgomery County School Board of Education earlier this summer reached a decision to reduce the athletic budget by 10 percent to save more than $750,000, which resulted in a 20 percent reduction of JV sports schedules and a three-day furlough for all varsity coaches. “Given...

Federal acts bans incandescent light bulbs

By Lara Fu, Advertising Manager Christina Michael, Staff Writer and Lara Fu, Advertising Manager Christina Michael, Staff Writer

April 12, 2011

Starting in 2012, incandescent light bulbs will be banned across the country to increase both energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy as mandated by the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act., signed byformer President George W. Bush Incandescent bulbs are pear-shaped and emit a warm,...

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